Relaxation, spirituality and excitement in Draganac Monastery

Draganac Monastery is this kind of place that you cannot describe in one sentence.

The moment I arrived there, I felt different vibrations, between relaxation, spirituality and excitement. I arrived there on a Saturday afternoon to help settling the workcamp that GAIA Kosovo and the brotherhood of Draganac organize every year for Slava, a celebration that is specific to the Serbian Orthodox Church. Its roots go back to some old traditions that used to celebrate saints for being patron of homes and families. We were welcomed by the Abbot, Father Ilarion, and the novices (apprentices still in the process of becoming monks) who are starting to know us well: the cooperation between Draganac Monastery and Gaia Kosovo has been going on for four years now.

[You can read the all article in GAIA website].

Written by Célia, a participant of the camp, and a long-term volunteer in GAIA.

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