My arrival to Switzerland

Say “hello” to our new EVS volunteer in the office – Sofiya from Ukraine. She arrived a month ago and is now the Placement Officer of SCI Switzerland.

My arrival in Switzerland started with a day full of adventures. But now, after having finally arrived, it all looks like magic.

So many new impressions, new places, new colleagues, new friends…surprises were waiting for me at every corner. I had a very dynamic start, I don’t even remember what happened during this first month and a half, because it already seems like six ☺.

My life in Berne is quite exciting. I am still surprised every day when I am walking through the streets of Berne, how cosy and magnificent the city is. I fell in love with observing people on the streets, because everybody is just so relaxed, friendly and smiley, I love it!

To work for SCI is very demanding, but also rewarding. I have a great team, nice and helpful and I am looking forward to what is going to happen during the following months!

Sofiya Sherstnyova
Placement Officer at SCI Switzerland


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