Project Management seminar in Greece

I Ms. Alpana Bhadra, SCI India got this opportunity to attend the Project Management seminar in Greece. I was super anxious and super excited at the same time as I had never ever travelled alone in my life in such a different country as I come from a patriarchal society so this was a new leap for me.

Everyone at the seminar were very nice, helpful and understanding people. Our trainer was also very innovative and creative as he got lots of things out from within us which were hidden beneath our belly.

We started understanding each other, the countries, the issues and started concentrating on new avenues. We learned how to plan the project aims and goals, fundraising for the project, selecting the funding organization and then how to measure the outcomes. While doing this, none of us realised how we ourselves evolved from zero to something concrete. Hats off to the team members who really gave us so many things to carry back home!

This seminar has given me many things – not only has my outlook towards life changed but willingly I will be starting a Women’s organization in India.

I genuinely would like to thank all the brains behind this project and whoever has contributed towards it.


My special thanks to Alena, Wojtek, Steffi, Ika and Agnieszka – you understood me and groomed me unknowingly.


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  1. Lasantha Pethiyagoda says:

    Inspirational essay there wishes..!


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