SCI France Annual Assembly

I was invited to go to the Annual Assembly of SCI France about a week ago. I arrived in Lille, where Eline and Victor picked me up and drove me along with 5 others from SCI France in the direction of Bretagne! 7 hours later, we finally arrived!

Surrounded by French, I was feeling at home. Once settled in, we decided to visit the village for a bit. We discovered a bar close by and ended up in this last one for a relaxing drink after the long road.

The next day, after the arrival of all the other members, about 20 people, we started the first activity of the meeting. Eline invited us to join some getting to know each other icebreakers to help bring the group together. Once we knew each other a little betters, groups were created on certains topics in order to have some new motions to vote on during the Annual Assembly. This part took all the afternoon, I was in the group for taking care of international volunteers’ arrival in France. I give my opinion and experience about my own arrival in Belgium, with some practical advice. We spoke about the inclusion of volunteers when arriving in a new place and how they can better interact and a feel part of the local community. The idea we came up with was to organise a project that would include an international volunteer and a local family volunteering together. The motion was then put together and prepared for voting on  Sunday.

The Saturday programme was slowly coming to a close and we knew that a music festival was being held nearby. We decided to go all together with the participants of the meeting. We ended doing karaoke and enjoying some beer!

Sunday morning was the moment of the Meeting itself, decisions were taken!!

We ate some AMAZING food. Bretagne really know what is good!

And then the weekend was over, and it was time to go back to Belgium but with the smile and some good memories 😉

Story written by Long-Term Volunteer Geoffrey Rebollo, who is doing his Service Civique project  at the International Secretariat of SCI in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Want to have your own workcamp experience? There are plenty of long term voluntary projects you can still join, just check our database!


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