Workcamp for understanding

In 2016, SCI Hong Kong launched the project “Workcamp for Understanding” for the first time: thanks to the funding of the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, 30 volunteers from Hong Kong set out to social, cultural and environmental projects in the Belt and Road countries India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. In return, ten volunteers from those countries will come to Hong Kong in the coming week.

The in/outgoing participants of the volunteering projects will present a photo exhibition of their volunteering adventure and they’ll happily share their stories with you.

The event is for free and we encourage you to participate or indicate this event to your friends who might be interested!

“8 days, 9 countries, uncountable new memories: a big thank you to everyone who contributed to last week’s Workcamp for Understanding: to our international volunteers from Mexico, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Italy and Germany and to all the local volunteers who joined for the gardening work and the cultural activities!” From the Facebook page of SCI Hong Kong.

Want to have your own workcamp experience? There are plenty of short term voluntary projects you can still join, just check our workcamps database!

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