Meeting for Refugee Crisis in Greece

A few weeks ago, in a big room somewhere among the narrow streets of Barcelona, almost 20 people highly involved with SCI got together in order to talk and exchange beliefs and ideas regarding the refugee crisis in Greece. We referred to the chronological order of the facts which have occurred, while we all together tried to propose and talk about the ways of facing the dominant existing consequences of them. There was stated the proposal of involving volunteering workcamps within the official military refugee camps, the creation of audiovisual recorded material, the spreading of information around the topic so as to achieve the involvement of as many people as possible. The interaction was very intense, constructing this way an afternoon full of solidarity and support, values which are important not only for the present, but also for the path of our future. Leaving in a reality within which refugees are treated from the states as less important people compared to the rest of the world, being informed and active is our weapon.
From Athens to Barcelona and to every corner of the world, wherever our voice can be heard, we will share the same thought: We are all refugees, we are all immigrants, we are all humans.

Written by Stella Elmatzoglou, SCI Catalunya, April 2016

In 2016 SCI launched the Building Bridges Campaign, to raise awareness and stimulate reflection about the current refugee crisis and forced migration in general. We have many workcamps and projects taking place with and for those seeking refuge and asylum. You can find details here.


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